Innovative Designs


Intelligent 3D Models


 Detailed 2D drawings


Assistance throughout the construction phase

Awali specialize in multi-disciplined engineering projects for a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment, Building Services and Cryogenics.

We are a small flexible consultancy that offers services across a wide range of design areas. Our size means we are not burdened by large company overheads but remain versatile enough to set up cost-effective project teams to meet the specific requirements of our clients whether that be a small drawing or large multi-diciplined project.

 We work closely with our clients developing an environment of trust and collaboration. This approach has been successful, resulting in the completion of several projects including early production facilities in Cameroon, Iraq and Kuwait, plus storage and loading facilities in Nigeria and fuel gas packages for the North Sea.

We offer a wide range of expertise in Engineering, Design and CAD, including Plant and Pipework, Civil’s, Structures, Instrumentation etc. plus project support, consulting services and stress analysis. With this expertise in engineering and design we can undertake anything from quick Studies to fully engineered projects.

Our commitment does not stop there, we tailor our services to meet our Client’s every need. We will make worldwide site visits, attend meetings with clients, vendor and fabricators, monitor and trouble shoot during construction.