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Awali personnel have spent many years on projects across the world including UK, Bahrain, UAE, Iraq, Libya and Central Africa working closely with construction and fabrication personnel.

They have been based on site offering technical assistance during all phases of construction. We ensure that everything has been installed to the General Arrangements, Isometrics, P&IDís and in accordance with clients specifications and codes.

We have been involved in projects from grassroots right through to commissioning. This experience has given us the ability to make modifications to the our design on site quickly to enable the smooth running of the project during construction

We have also been involved with fabrication yards in the Middle East monitoring fabrication and ensuring that it is to a suitable standard and to trouble shoot problems therefore helping projects to be ready on time.

We can make site visits during any stage of construction whether it be a quick trip to answer client or engineering questions to a lengthy stay where  technical assistance would be required over a longer period of the construction phase.

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