With expertise spanning all areas of design and engineering, you’ll find that we can provide a range of services to support your next project.

From professional project design to 2D and 3D CAD services, our experts can become your in-house design team to help you achieve a successful outcome.

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Awali Project Design services

Project Design

At Awali we have detailed understanding of design and engineering, coupled with vast experience in Project and Computer Aided Design (CAD) enabling us to provide innovative solutions for businesses and organisations around the world.

We utilise the latest computer software and hardware to deliver bespoke, cost-effective design services, engineering, 3D modelling and draughting services to clients in a diverse range of industries.

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3D Modelling

With expertise spanning all industries and sectors, coupled with high-level expertise in multidisciplinary 3D CAD models and 3D design, our team can become your in-house specialist.

We can deliver you the whole package of professional design services, or we can supplement your own design team to improve project performance.

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Awali 2D Draughting services

2D Draughting

At Awali we deliver a professional, reliable and meticulous draughting service for a variety of industries both domestic and worldwide. From a single drawing to a whole project developed from a 3D model we can be trusted to deliver reliable and accurate designs and drawings.

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Specialised Engineering

We can provide piping and structural analysis to interrogate our designs and ensure a successful outcome for the client. Our designs undergo a series of design tests to analyse the impact of external and environmental loads on structures in accordance with relevant International Standards.

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Awali Specialised Engineering services
Awali Project Assistance services

Project Assistance

At Awali, we have decades of experience in designing complex systems for both greenfield and brownfield projects. With our project assistance you can be assured that your project will move smoothly from conception through to detailed design and into construction, on time and on budget.

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Our promise

At Awali, we are committed to providing the highest-level, specialist advice and project design guidance for our clients, delivered by our team of in-house experts.

Trusted service

We are committed to providing a trusted and professional service when you outsource design services to Awali. We build strong relationships with our clients, by delivering customer-focused solutions, on time, and to budget.

Experts guaranteed

Our business is built on expertise, and you can be assured that only specialist, highly-trained personnel will work with your organisation.

Technology driven

We utilise the latest industry technology in a range of design disciplines, from CAD to 3D modelling to enable us to deliver successful project outcomes.

Get in touch

We’re here to advise and assist with your design and engineering questions. Contact us for a quote, or to find out more about our team of specialists and what we can do to support your next project.

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