3D Modelling

With 3D modelling you can truly visualise your project before it becomes a reality, reducing your margin for error and enabling you to interrogate designs in a simple and effective way.

At Awali, we are specialists in delivering precise multidisciplinary 3D CAD modelling, which can streamline design and improve efficiency for projects. To enable us to achieve this we use a variety of the latest design, 3D modelling and draughting software, such as AutoCAD, Cadworx Plant Professional and Navisworks.

From the 3D models we can produce detailed and accurate 2D drawings with enough information to build your project. The advantages of using 3D is clear – we can ensure that everything is coordinated and clash free on project designs, whilst giving our clients a comprehensive understanding and visualisation of the project before construction begins. Our interactive and intelligent models will cover every detail of your project right down to manholes, pipes, accessories and fittings.

Our 3D design services take many forms, but some of these include:

  • 3D intelligent plant and piping models, including valves, fittings and accessories.
  • 3D vessel, tank and equipment models complete with nozzles, manholes, lifting lugs, platforms, ladders and steelwork.
  • 3D Modelling of HVAC/civil/structural elements such as equipment foundations, platforms and walkways, ladders, railings, manholes, envelopes, pipe racks, pipe supports, skid base frame, lifting lugs, and anchor bolts.
  • 3D Modelling of instruments, junction boxes with support, and cable trays, as per the electrical and instrumentation layout drawings.
  • Accurate industrial 3D modelling of utility buildings such as control rooms, motor control centre (MCC) buildings, fire safety stations, and more.
  • Multi-disciplinary 3D CAD Design Models that help implement the extraction of equipment layouts, general arrangement drawings, piping isometrics, nozzle orientation drawings and fabrication drawings.

The 3D Modelling process

Our expert 3D Modelling Services enable us to model from a diverse selection of information that the client provides, such as P&ID’s, mechanical data sheets, equipment layouts, vendor drawings, design briefs, paper sketches, photographs with notation, part developed CAD information or site surveys.

The 3D programs we use allow us to set up bi-directional links with analysis programs such as Caesar II. This allows our designers to easily share information with the client while keeping the models, and related information, continuously updated as changes are made. It also gives us single file access to extract all layouts including; general arrangements, piping layouts, isometric drawings using Isogen, steelwork, architectural drawings, cable routing, BOM and other documents.

We pride ourselves on the active client engagement we maintain throughout the design and development phase. We believe keeping our clients informed and part of the process at all stages is critical to the successful outcome of the project.

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Our specialist 3D modelling services have helped organisations around the world to successfully maximise their design and ensure positive project outcomes. View some of our previous 3D design work