Specialised Engineering

As a design consultancy with multi-disciplined experience we are able to offer very specialised engineering expertise to our clients. Correct and proper stress analysis reviews on our designs are an essential part of ensuring our projects are safe and accurate resulting in successful outcomes.

At Awali, we can provide detailed site surveys, structural and steelwork analysis and piping stress analysis for projects in a range of industries. When working on new projects, our team of experts can ensure that our piping and structural designs do not fail due to loads imposed by temperature, pressure or external forces.

It is our policy to routinely, or if required by our clients, run stress analysis checks which allow us to analyse, evaluate, and confirm the structural, flexibility and operational integrity of piping systems regardless of the complexity.

We use the latest CADWorx software, and we can directly link this with Caesar, which allows us to adjust the design, remove any potential issues, position pipe supports including anchors and guides and then deliver the final design.

Our designs undergo a series of design tests to analyse the impact of external and environmental loads on structures in accordance with relevant international standards and client specifications. And we ensure that our designs meet fatigue safety requirements; we check the reaction to vibration, expansion and blast; and ensure correct lifting.

Our team can also analyse existing infrastructure or projects that you might have. Based on existing drawings or site surveys we can run detailed reports highlighting points of concern enabling design changes or future expansion.

Whatever your project, we can rigorously analyse and test your designs before construction to ensure the best possible outcome.